Our Corporate Offer

You wish to arrange an enjoyable cultural experience for your guests, associates, partners or clients…

The aim of our agency is to help you arrange inspiring, memorable and welcoming tours, that run perfectly smoothly, in optimal conditions of comfort, for even the busiest sites.

Leave the logistics and planning to us…

We handle all the logistics relating to your service so that on the day of their tour, your visitors have no practical concerns to deal with: the personalized and most suitable meeting spot, time slot for visiting the museum, fast-track tickets, any gifts you may wish to give your guests at the end of the tour, handling any expenses incurred on site for welcoming your guests …

The tour guides all have a professional license which allows them, when accompanying visitors, direct and priority access to the visited sites.

Your participants lead very busy lives…

We are aware that standardized visits do not necessarily correspond to your participants: all our services can therefore be tailored to suit the profile of your visitors and your logistical constraints.

The agency offers a range of cultural activities in the daytime or evening:

  • guided tours of museums and monuments
  • guided tours of temporary exhibitions
  • guided tours of neighborhoods
  • novel customized visits
  • auditorium lectures
  • history of art courses
  • After Hours

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